Wednesday 6 May 2015

Stocks of Interest: May 2015

Stocks of Interest, May, 2015, contrarian

Last month I did not fill my open position in ETF Austria but instead I decided to jump into the wing broken RWE. As always I jumped in a tick too early and I could and should have waited longer before making the jump into RWE. Tax wise it would have been more clever to have bought them after their dividend payment and not before like I ended up doing. I simply did not think about that and it is not a big issue but 20 € unnecessary in taxes is still stupid and especially considering that I could have bought 4 more shares instead of ending up with this cash dividend and future tax payment.

For the previous report please click on Stocks of Interest: May 2015.

Stocks of Interest, May, 2015

There were some changes made to the list and the top ten are now: Pharmstandard, Balaton, TransContainer, Sollers, Tag Immobilien, Novatek, Splendid Medien, Gilead Sciences, Agrana and Kamaz. Of these the only ones of interest for me would be Gilead Sciences and Agrana.

Companies, on DAX, May, 2015

I am a bit more than half way with the analysis of the DAX companies and by the look of the list as it is now there are the car companies and looking at the major share price drops then also Lufthansa.

Stock portfolio, May, 2015

The banks are still looking cheap and of course Eniro but that is a no go at the moment! Of course there is the open position in ETF Austria....

Conclusion: I would say that it is leaning towards that I will buy the ETF Austria. My only thought is if I should push 1k € and additionally buy something else or if I should go for 2k € and make that my only monthly investment.

From the Stocks of Interest page you will have direct access to the live update of the list from Google drive and if you go to the Stock Portfolio page you find the direct access to the live update of my current holdings and their share prices compared to my future expectations.

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