Tuesday 12 May 2015

Dividend from Kernel: May 2015

Kernel, a Ukrainian agricultural and logistics company

My very first dividend from Kernel, the Ukrainian agricultural and logistics company, that I have been a shareholder in for a bit more than two years now.

For my 550 shares i received per share 0.25 USD which gave me 137.50 USD which got converted to 122.52 €. I am now forced to pay taxes due to two reasons. One is because I am above the 801 € that is free and Kernel is now situated in Luxembourg that takes 15% taxes. So 18.38 € were removed as taxes and I received 104.14 € as cash paid into my broker account. This gives me a YoC of 2.6% which is so, so.

To find out more about Kernel please click on analysis of Kernel 2014.

To see my yearly dividend earnings then please visit the Stock Dividends page that has now been updated.

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