Tuesday 19 May 2015

Dividend from K+S: May 2015

K+S, a German mining company

My German mining company, K+S, made a massive increase in the dividend payment after making a very large cut last year. The reason for the cut was due to all the fears with decreasing prices, weak USD etc. Now those fears are apparently gone and for that reason they made an increase of the dividend payment from 0.25 € to 0.9 €.

So for each of my 152 shares in K+S I received 0.9 € which gave in total 136.8 €. From this I was forced to pay taxes in the size of 36.08 € which gave me 100.72 € as cash on my broker account. This gives me a YoC of 4.4% which is pretty good but I expect it to get much better next year.

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