Tuesday 16 December 2014

Back to the school bench again

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After some set backs I am, soon to be, a full time student again!

I realised some time ago that I could make online studies for free at Swedish Universities (since I am still a Swedish citizen) and that some of the courses even means that one does not have to be present for writing the exams. Excellent!

I therefore signed up on the online portal that deals with all the applications and I even tried to apply late for some courses that started back in September. I never got any of those places which I found a bit disturbing because from my days as a "real" student I got accepted to practically everything I applied to.

So there seemed to be a smelly fish in the back seat!

Then the deadline arrived for the application for the spring semester and I once again filed one application to study full-time online economy at Lund University. All my student credits were displayed so I assumed that everything was in order and that I would be accepted.

All of a sudden I received a letter saying that I did not fulfil the requirements to study the economy course, which is utter bunk! I fulfil all the requirements needed to study that course so the smelly fish started oozing a bit more.

I logged in to discover that they apparently needed my high school grades... so even if I had studied 5 years at that very same University and collected 378 credits they still refused me due to them not having my high school grades in the database. Bunk!

Since it is more than 18 years since I left high school and I thought I had finished my academic studies I really had no clue what had happened to my grades... I therefore tried to call my old high school to try to have them send me the grades only to discover that my old high school have been shut down. Bunk!

The program that I had studied at that school had been taken over by another school so I managed to dig out a phone number and called them to see if they then also had taken over the grades from the old students. They had not. Bunk! But I could try to call the city archives because they should hopefully have the grades.

So I called them and happily they did have the grades from my old high school and from that year but wanted to have money to send out the papers and they could not send it to the application institute directly meaning that I would not have managed to present my high school grades before the deadline. Bunk!

So I was in serious trouble and I had to think long and hard about where my high school grades could be and in the end I thought they must be in one of my bottom drawers at my parents place. My parents were at the moment visiting my brother in Australia but would come home soon enough to be able to send the documents in time IF they were in that drawer.

Happily the documents were there and my mother sent in the grades just in time for it to be accepted. Thanks mum!

One they had my high school grades I was directly accepted! I look forward to be a student again!


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Härligt Palle!

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Det kommer nog att bli jobbigt med firma + blog + heltidsstudier men det är bara att köra pâ!