Tuesday 2 December 2014

Summary of November 2014

November, 2014, summary, Me vs DAX

Usually I collect all the data concerning my companies after the trading has stopped. Today I am not able to do that and I am forced to make it during the day since it will be a busy schedule this evening with Boogie Woogie lessons, Berlin Philharmonie and mingling in the French Embassy (at least the wine should be good!).

My weight have indeed stabilised itself when I run two days of fasten per week and a secondary improvement is that I do not get crazy hungry when I only make it during two days. When I was doing three fasten days then, yes, I did lose weight but I was also craving food. So I am very happy with how things are working out now.

I managed to make all the Christmas shopping as well as sending out all the packages for my family and as always it is an expensive story. This year in the family we made the rule of one package/item to the price of max 50 € per person. Christmas and New Year celebrations will always drain the account and this year will not be any different...  It is a pity that I can not go home to see my nephews this year especially since there has been a new addition that I have not yet seen but it simply did not work out this time. I did unfortunately already buy a ticket for flying home that I will now no longer be able to use so that additionally became 100 € burnt for nothing with no chance of refund. Still... one can not plan everything in life and sometimes unexpected things just happen and the financial price is then often also the small price to pay.

Some months ago I made the decision to bring down my buffer on the private account to 1,500 €. I now realise that that is far too low for me due to mainly two reasons.

1. I have a private health insurance which means I often need to pay up front. Even smaller things can fairly easily cost between 500 to 1,000 € and then all my buffer would be gone in one go and if there would be a second thing arriving in the same month then I would be in trouble.
2. I now own parts in so many companies and it is not unusual that they arrive with a share dilution which means that I need to push more money into them to not lose my position. The quantity needed is usually around 1,000 € for those kind of actions based on the size of the holdings that I have today.

So for both of these reasons I need to constantly hold 1,000 € in cash on my stock broker account and I need to increase my buffer to 2,000 € on my private account so that in case of real emergency I will be able to shuffle either 1,000 € extra to the stock broker account or to my private account from the stock broker account. Due to Christmas gifts, my girlfriends birthday, repayment of loans I will not manage to bring it back up to 2,000 this month but I will try to do it for December. Sure I could have pushed a bit less into my stock broker account but I did not want to rush this matter.

My company has been doing ok. There were some new orders being sent out and more importantly the money from the big order in October dropped in so financially we are standing pretty solid right now. I will even start to think about increasing my salary since I have had the same salary now for seven years, with even decreases now and then. I do not really care about money and to me it is more important to enjoy the freedom of having my own company but still with a salary increase I will own parts of many more companies much faster and that is always good.

So finally time to get down to business!

For the previous report please click on summary of October 2014.

November, 2014, invested value

There were two investments that were done during the month of November and those were that I, at least at the first look of it, picked a good moment to push in some more money into Fugro (see analysis of Fugro) and then also by the look of it at a good moment decided to push in more money into Kernel (see analysis of Kernel). The invested value in my stock portfolio has now reached 50,429 €.

November, 2014, current value

Due to that I managed to make a double investment as well as that the stock market has increased the development was fairly good during November. My current stock portfolio now have a value of 48,208 € which means that I am down by -2,222 € in comparison to my investment.

November, 2014, Me vs. DAX

DAX have had a spectacular bull run during November! It went from 9271 points to 9958 points! That is an increase by +7.4%! My own portfolio also did very well but still... less so than DAX... and I ended up with +6.3% so once again DAX beat me.

Conclusion: During Autumn I have managed to push in a lot of money into my stock portfolio and the new companies that I have stepped into all drop further down after I have stepped into them. This is not so strange since I specifically look for cheap companies and there is almost always a reason for why they are cheap. The effect of these new companies dropping will however over time become less significant since they will for each year become a smaller part of the entire stock portfolio as the others keep restoring themselves to their previous glory. At least that would be the plan...

For the full portfolio report please go to the Stock Portfolio page and if you have suggestions for stocks that I should analyse then please go to the Analysis Requests page.


Garry said...

Not joining capital increase @ tessenderlo?

Fredrik von Oberhausen said...

Hi Garry,

My plan is definately to join and that will hopefully become my december investment.

I just need to figure out how to accomplish, in the least expensive way, to buy some extra rights. I would like to double my investment so i will need around 135 rights and have right now only been given 45. i am also not so keen to give the bank the order since i am then not certain that i will get the quantity of rights that i need.

I will look deeper into it tomorrow.

And you? Have you already joined and gotten all the rights you wanted?

Fredrik von Oberhausen said...

Right now my calculations are telling me that it would be equally favourable to buy shares from someone else on the market.

the rights are traded at 1.53 €.

So buying rights for 55 shares (I already have 45 rights):

120*1.53+55*16.5 = 1091.1 + (double fees from buying rights and stocks)

Buying stocks on the market:

21.1*55 - 45*1.53 = 1091.65 (I pay no fee for sale of rights but I will pay for buying shares)

My thoughts right now is that buying on stock market will be more favourable for me and I even think I can wait to step in... seems to be a little too much excitement at the moment...

am I wrong in my calculations?

Garry said...

I thought that exercising the rights was free. (Dunno if this is correct for not-Belgians)

I will certainly join, hoping on price decrease for the rights in the last days, to make additional purchases

Fredrik von Oberhausen said...

I have to pay between 1.5€ and 9.9€ to my broker for the rights and then additionally 19.9€ for exercising those rights.
They additionally mention that if it is on a stock exchange abroad there can be additional fees from that stock exchange.

So I am looking at a minimum of 21.4 € in fees (which could be as high as 45 €) versus maximum 15 € in fees if I buy the shares directly on the stock market in Belgium.

So I will wait and do nothing right now.