Sunday 14 December 2014

Dividend from IBM: December 2014

IBM, an American service company

My second American company, IBM, paid also out dividend so that I can afford to buy a Christmas tree this year. Actually I managed to get the Christmas tree cheaper (it costed 10 €) than what they paid me still it is a pity that I must buy one at all. I prefer the north Swedish way of simply going into the forest and cutting down the tree to the annoyance of the forest owner but maybe they can write it off on the taxes as a donation to the population so maybe they do not really care either.

For my 16 shares in IBM I received 1.10 USD per share which gave in total 17.60 USD that became 14.19 € from this I paid 2.13 € in taxes and I received 12.06 € on my account. Due to the change in USD/EUR I received more € out this quarter than the previous.

If you want to know more about IBM then please visit analysis of IBM 2014.

To check out my current dividend payment history then please visit the Stock Dividends page which has now been updated.

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