Thursday 11 December 2014

RSS Feeds for simplicity

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Today something hit me due to an article publish on Old School Value. He had there produced a Google spreadsheet to compile and separate news from his different companies because he did not like that all of them ended up in one long list. This for him meant that the "hot" companies ended up eating all the space of the feed and drained out any news from the other not hot companies.

My first thought was why use a spreadsheet and why not just import the RSS feeds concerning the companies directly to Outlook, Thunderbird or the blog for that matter and then only add them as separate feeds under the company name?

My second thought was darn, why am I not getting the news feeds myself from my companies?

I mean, I use RSS feeds all the time. I use it for work to stay updated with the important journals in my field, I use it on the blog to stay updated with what other bloggers are publishing, heck I even produce my own on this blog! I have after each quarter or annual report taken a look in the financial calendar to see when the next report should arrive and then added that to my calendar to make sure I do not miss something which has been pretty annoying and I have even missed some reports...

By getting the RSS feed I will then get all this information directly plus additional things concerning the progress of my companies. My fear is that I might end up getting married to the companies due to too much information. Future will tell and by the look of things I seem to be married to most of them already.

Anyway, upon this realisation, I directly went to all the homepages of my companies and added their RSS feeds to my Outlook account, each company in its own little folder and sometimes they offer several feeds that I have now just baked into one heading under their name in Outlook.

Funny how one can sometimes not see what is directly in front of ones nose.

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