Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year 2015

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Yet another year has gone past in tremendously high speed. By the look of it the older one gets the faster the years fly by!

I remember that it was around this time last year that my business partner called me up and said that the trouble I thought we had managed to take us out of (by cutting my salary to half during the entire second half of 2013) still had not left and that we would be hit with a, from our perspective, huge tax payment in January 2014 that would later on be followed with some hefty patent costs as frosting on the cake.

My new year back then was not so happy even though I managed to push it out of my mind by at least coming up with a strategy for not going insolvent and how to move further. It did work out even without us being forced to take plan B (which meant privately lending money to the company) and my company is still alive and kicking today. This meant that we managed to avoid going insolvent twice during 2014 and in total my company has had such issues four times but I am not yet ready to throw in the towel.

The other big thing that happened during 2014 was that I moved into my girlfriends apartment. Both of us take up very little space which means that we can live in harmony on 43 m2 (including the balcony) with a rent of less than 450 € per month which means I can save more money each month in comparison to before. The move, which has previously in my life financially set me back to square one, costed, this time, physical labour and not even one tank of gas for my car. I am still amazed at what one can transport in a small car with things hanging out all according to regulations (one meter without any indication, three meter with a red flag).

For 2015 I wish all of us good health and plenty of interesting investment opportunities that we must follow and sniff out with our noses!

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Happy new year!