Monday 6 July 2020

Stock bought July 2020: Skanska

Even though the share price of Skanska has jumped up lately I still decided to buy more shares from this Sweden based construction company.

I bought 115 new shares at a price of 18.31 € which gave a total cost of 2113.98 € when fees are included. I now have a total of 250 shares in Skanska at a price of 17.49 € per share.

To take a look at my current Stock Portfolio then please click on the link. The portfolio will however not be fully updated until the end of the month.

Sunday 5 July 2020

Summary of June 2020

Summary of June 2020

The final batch of the team is coming back from furlough on Monday so finally things start to happen again. In the meantime my manager stepped down and I've been asked to take over his role. It will lead to a bit of a salary increase but at this point in time I am less interested in salary then what I am interested in more vacation.

I now also ended up taking over a struggling project again. Seems as if the business loves to give me struggling projects to get them back on their feet and up and running again. I seem to always accomplish what the business requests however more often than not the commercial value is far fetched from what they think it will be based on what they requests my team to accomplish.

Share prices have continued up especially in Europe and as you will see below DAX have really pushed forward despite the fraud and share price drop of Wirecard (still not zero but it should get there!)

For the previous summary please visit Summary of May 2020 and here you can see my stock portfolio as it is.

The total invested value is now up at: 153,706 €. Monthly investment was made in the Mixed ETF and more stocks were bought in Tessenderlo.

The value of the portfolio is today: 183,298 € and I have 3,130 € in cash on my broker account. I have realised gains of 3,103 € and unrealised of 29,592 € (16.1%) which is, as always, not good enough.

DAX is now up at 12,528 points which means that it has increased by 8.1% since the previous summary and my own portfolio has unfortunately only increased by 3.7%. In the last two months the gains in each individual month has however been as much as can expect to receive during an entire year.

Conclusion: DAX definitely beat me this month. The world is opening up and in many countries besides form the few that did not rely on lockdown there will for sure be a second wave of Covid-19. Impact on stock market? No clue, but more likely than not it will go down. One could argue that I should then keep my money and wait for that another drop to take place but I know that I can't time the market so I find it better to buy when the money is there. Its a turtle race not a rabbit race for me.

Saturday 4 July 2020

Dividends during June 2020: Nike et al

A dividend payment was received from Nike in the size of 8.71 € from which 1.31 € was taken in taxes and I received 7.40 € paid into my broker account.

The Germany energy company RWE paid out a dividend of 264 € and from this was taken 69.63 € in taxes and I was left with 194.37 € on my broker account.

The chemical company BASF arrived with a dividend payment of 462 € of which Mr. Taxman (or woman) took 121.85 € and left on my broker account as cash was 340.15 €.

My trusted dividend payer BP sent over 73.41 € of dividends and all of it was paid out in cash on my broker account.

K+S provided me with 9.60 € of which 2.53 € went to taxes and I received 7.07 € as cash on my account.

IBM sent some dollars to me that converted became 35.69 € of which 5.35 € went to taxes and 30.34 € was added to my cash account.

Tradition was followed and Intel paid out 39.93 € with 5.99 € kept in taxes and 33.94 € was added to my broker account.

And finally my second German energy company E.On arrived with 184.00 €, of which 48.53 € was kept in taxes and I received 135.47 € in cash.

To see a bit more in details please visit my Stock Dividends page.