Sunday 12 November 2023

Summary of October/Early November 2023


I will start as I unfortunately always have now for the last almost two year... War is still ongoing!

The campingvan has now been finished which felt very good. Everything is in and I passed the MOT. I tested it out and I had this wrong thought that it would be more like living in a home but it really isn't. It is luxury camping on wheels. The temperature outside is pretty much like inside. It can get a couple of degrees higher with heating, but I do not want to use gas heater and I'm scared about draining the batteries so I use very moderate heating. A fridge is also draining a lot so unless the sun is really shining for many hours a day I will not use it. No need when it is below 10 degrees anyway. I made a test drive and the first night was 5 degrees. That was cold. The other three it was between 11-13 degrees which is fully acceptable. I do not get a lot of charge from the solar panels now during winter, which is really sad and very limiting. I will not take off until spring next year.

I've continued to do some consultancy job for my old company. It is going fairly well and the invoices are being paid.

For the previous summary please visit Summary of August/September 2023.

The total invested value is now at: 353,601 . No investments were made and no investments were sold.

The value of the portfolio is today: 494,047 € and I have 1,569 € in cash (took some out from my German one) on my broker accounts. I have realised gains of 7,487 € and unrealised of 140,446 € (28%) which is not good enough. My ETFs are now up at a value of 73% of my portfolio.

DAX is now down at 15,234 points which means that it has decreased by -1.0% since the previous summary and my own portfolio has increased by 0.9% in the same time period.

Conclusion: The stock market appears to be muddling through and I don't see anything exciting at the moment.

Dividends in October/Early November 2023


Few dividends have been paid out but I'm of course happy for any cash flow in my direction!

Nike paid out 12.84 €, the tax office kept 1.93 €, leaving me with 10.91 €.

Barratt also paid out in the size of 134.04 € of which all ended up as cash on my broker account.