Sunday 26 February 2023

Summary of February 2023


Summary of February 2023

War madness is still ongoing! Inflation is still high! UK have import issues with fresh vegetables and fruits and more gets stopped and demanded custom payments on. Got things stuck myself which I simply will not pickup due to the custom payment is 188% of the value of my purchase. UKs true hardship is starting so yes, it is time to leave.

My company gave a "pay-rise" of 5% meaning effectively a 6% salary reduction. A 20% bonus was however paid out so I got a lot of cash sitting at the moment that is not on my broker accounts due to that I can't add more to my stock ISA until mid April and the GBP/EUR has dropped down to 1.13 again so I don't want to move money to my German broker account.

I'm trying to make a final push in the company and the projects that we have running. I have an email draft ready with a signed letter of my resignation that should be going out on the 28 February unless something dramatic happens. I've reduced my monthly contribution to the very lucrative pension scheme to get more cash out which is what I need for the future and not more money stuck in the UK company pension scheme (goes under ETF Mix). Time to say goodbye.

For the previous summary please visit Summary of December 2022 and here you can see my stock portfolio as it is.

The total invested value is now at: 336,305 . Monthly investments made in ETF Mix with fresh cash and this contribution has also been reduced to reflect my future endavours.

The value of the portfolio is today: 467,594 € and I have 1,402 € in cash on my broker accounts. I have realised gains of 6,471 € and unrealised of 131,289 € (28%) which is not good enough. My ETFs are now up at a value of 70% of my portfolio.

DAX is now up to 15,210 points which means that it has increased by 1.2% since the previous summary and my own portfolio has increased by 1.8% in the same time period.

Conclusion: DAX has really been going well and have in the last couple of months performed much stronger than my portfolio. I did however barely beat it this month, so nothing to be proud of. Letter not yet handed in but everything is prepared for it to happen on the 28 February.

Dividends in Jan/Feb 2023

Very few dividends have dropped in this early in the year however two of my holdings have delivered.

ABF paid out 67.01 € of which I got to keep all of it as cash on my broker account.

Nike paid out 12.68 €, the taxman withheld 1.90 € and I received 10.78 € as cash on my broker account.