Saturday 31 May 2014

German inside trading: May 2014

Germany, Inside trading, May, 2014

The inside activity here in German has been fairly high during May. Generally it is an interesting month with several companies paying out dividends but there is also the saying "sell in May and go away" which I know that some people follow but I was just hoping that German managers did not think that short term. So what did then happen?

The undertakings were as follows:

Invision - sold shares
Rational - bought and sold shares, analysis of Rational.
United Labels - bought and sold shares
MTU Aero Engines - bought shares
Highlight Communications - bought shares

Allgeier - bought shares
Nürnberger Beteiligung - bought shares
Lanxess- bought shares,  analysis of Lanxess.

Evonik - bought shares, analysis of Evonik.
Catalis - sold shares
Deutz - bought shares
Biotest - bought shares
Krones - sold shares, analysis of Krones.
Hamborner REIT - bought shares
Bilfinger - bought shares, analysis of Bilfinger.
SAP AG - sold shares, analysis of SAP 2014.
Leoni AG - bought shares, analysis of Leoni.
Süss MicroTechsold shares
Foris - bought shares
4 SC - bought shares
Eurokai - sold shares
SLM Solutions Group - bought and sold shares

Grenkeleasing AG - bought shares
H&R AG - bought shares
RIB Software - bought shares
Celesio - sold shares, analysis of Celesio.
Init innovation in traffic systems - sold shares
Advanced Vision Technology - sold shares
TAG Immobilien - bought shares, analysis of TAG Immobilien.
CTS Eventim - bought shares
Lotto24 - bought shares
RWE - bought shares, analysis of RWE 2014.
Capital Stage AG - bought shares
Deutsche Annington Immobilien SE - bought shares
Symrise AG - bought shares
Fuchs Petrolub SE - bought shares, analysis of Fuchs Petrolub.
Elringklingerbought shares, analysis of Elringklinger.
LPKF Laser & Electr. - bought shares
Pfeiffer Vacuum - bought shares
Einhell - bought shares
All for one Steeb - bought shares

Deutsche Wohnen - sold shares, analysis of Deutsche Wohnen.
Henkel - sold shares, analysis of Henkel 2014.
Technotrans - bought shares
CropEnergies - bought shares

Usu Software - sold shares

Conclusion: Large activity with Invision and it seems as if the Grenke family are buy back the shares of Grenkeleasing. Happily it turned out as if my first conclusion was wrong. The German managers did not follow the sell in may and go away. Instead they have been heavily buying into their companies and this is good news! It even makes me looking forward to the Q2 and Q3 results for 2014.

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