Thursday 1 May 2014

German inside trading: April 2014

Germany, inside trading, April, 2014

The activity level during April has been very low which made my life easier this time in comparison to in March when they had gone nuts! So what did they then do? Which managements showed confidence in their companies?

The dealings were:

Süss MicroTech - bought shares
Kloeckner - bought shares, analysis of Kloeckner.
PNE Wind - sold shares, analysis of PNE Wind.
First Sensor - bought shares
Gagfah - bought and sold shares, analysis of Gagfah.
SAF Holland - sold shares
Orco Germany - sold shares
Allgeier - bought shares
Mologen - bought shares
Qiagen - sold shares 
Transtec - sold shares
Epigenomics - bought shares
Drillisch - sold shares
United Internet - sold shares
TUI - sold shares, analysis of TUI.
PVA TePla - sold shares
iQ Power - sold shares
CompuGroup Medical - bought shares
Kontron - bought shares
Vita34 - bought shares
Deufol - bought shares
S&T - bought shares
LPKF Laser - bought shares
MBB Industries AG - sold shares
E.On. - bought shares, analysis of E.On. 2014.
SAP AG - bought shares
Nordex - bought shares, analysis of Nordex.
Rational - bought shares, analysis of Rational.
Capital Stage AG - bought shares
SAG Solarstrom - sold shares
H&R AG - bought shares

Conclusion: The only dramatic thing was that the massive sales of TUI is still going on and there seem to be no end to it.

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