Friday 5 March 2021

Stock bought in February 2021


The salary from February was directly pushed into the stock market. The Queens sterling keeps increasing in value which is appreciated but at the moment fairly irrelevant to me since I need it to be high when I leave the UK and have to shuffle the money. Already dreading the fees that might come with that. I've now also filled up my ISA limit and will probably hang on to the March salary until the new tax year starts which will be ~5th April 2021before I can bring in 20k again to the stock ISA.

At this time 1 year ago I was in Australia to visit my brother and his family and Covid-19 was spreading across the world. Happily I was not a contributor to that.

I decided to increase my holding in McDonalds and I therefore bought 13 more shares at a total cost of 2225 €. I now hold 28 shares in McDonalds at a cost of 4807 € or 171.67 € per share.

I also increased my holding in Stock X. I bought 300 more shares at a total cost of 1231 € which means that I now hold 1424 shares at a total cost of 4451 € or 3.13 € per share.

Enjoy the weekend!