Monday 29 November 2021

Summary of November 2021


Summary of November 2021

November turned out to be a month of worry. I and many with me booked trips and travelled to foreign destinations following all the latest rules and regulations and at the same time there are new variations spreading in the world which means travelling will soon get more restricted again - vaccinated or not. Many are starting to get concerned about Christmas now also and I hope that I will receive a booster jab shortly before going back to Sweden over the Christmas holidays. Future will tell.

I was very fortunate to be able to go to my friends in France this month and I had a wonderful time with them over an extended weekend. In the upcoming weekend I will go to see my friends in Germany and I hope that the travelling + return will be smooth. Will I need PCR or will the lateral flow be sufficient? Nobody knows as of yet.

Work is going well and the projects are progressing fairly smoothly which is always a relief. I've had all the end of year reviews with my employees and most of them are pleased with the year. I doubt there will be much to spend on bonuses and salary increases this year and I certainly hope that I do not receive one!

I filed the tax declaration this month and received some money back from that which will be useful to pay for the Christmas gifts, all the trips I booked, and continued issues with my car. Without that tax return I would probably not have been able to make a new investment from my next salary but now I'm certain that I can.

The big surprise was that my effect tax rate was ~23%. This is too low and it needs to be increased.

For the previous summary please visit Summary of October 2021 and here you can see my stock portfolio as it is.

The total invested value is now at: 243,837
 . Monthly investments were made in the Mixed ETF, Yum brands and Kyndryl (from IBM).

The value of the portfolio is today: 352,558 € and I have 1,516 € in cash on my broker accounts. I have realised gains of 2,498 € and unrealised of 108,721 € (31%) which is not good enough but it is improving. My ETFs are now up at a value of 61% of my portfolio.

DAX is now up at 15,257 points which means that it has decreased by -2.8% since the previous summary and my own portfolio has decreased by -1.0% in the same time period.

Conclusion: There was another dip in November which caused DAX to retreat a bit while my own portfolio went down slightly less. I will keep saving and keep investing. My German broker account arrived with new prices that I am not at all pleased with so I will have to think about what to do with that because it is truly outrageous and I just cannot take that one on the chin.

Sunday 28 November 2021

Dividends during November 2021


In a way I received dividends from two companies this month. One was standard approach of paying cash into my broker account and the second was handing me shares in a newly formed company.

I received 163.04 € for my H&M shares of which the tax man took 48.91 € which in the end meant that I got 114.13 € as cash on my broker account.

From IBM I received 5 shares in Kyndryl Holdings each with a value of 14.50 € so in total 72.50 € which was paid out as a new stock position on my broker account.

Sunday 7 November 2021

Stock bought in November 2021


A lot of people here in the UK love KFC and I would even say to the point of madness. There were people doing crazy things when there was a shortage of chicken supply and they were not able to receive their weekly KFC meal. All these issues are sorted since several months but the passion that so many had towards getting their KFC fix remains and likely will do for a long, long time.

I therefore bought 22 shares in Yum Brands at a total cost of 2,437 €.

This stock will be included in the next upcoming summary update.