Monday 10 August 2015

Coba report Q2 2015

Coba, Q2, 2015, report, front page

Commerzbank arrived with their quarter report and since I am less active than usual I really do not know what the market response was to it. The fact remains though that the share price have in no way gone like a sky rocket so I assume it was not well accepted.

For the report in full then please click here and for the previous brief summary then please visit Coba report Q1 2015 and to find out more about Commerzbank then please go to analysis of Coba 2015.

Below is the key figures as they represented it and there we can see that they have almost doubled their operating profit for the running half year so this could be good. They also claim to have doubled consolidated profit so that could also be good. What I really like thoigh is the Cost to income ratio and that it has improved to 71%. It is still not good but they are moving in the good direction and quicker than for instance DB. The amount of employees are also decreasing so this I also find good.

Coba, Q2, 2015, key figures, report

I also noted that their interest income that have kept on decreasing and decreasing year after year since more or less 2009 also this quarter remained pretty flat so that is the second quarter in a row and I do indeed hope that the trend has now been broken and that we from next year one will even manage to see improvements again.

Conclusion: Coba almost start to look ready for the turn around and unless some new skeleton arrives that we the poor shareholders knew nothing of then I hope that it can happen during next year. I have still not seen any managers buy stocks in Coba so based on that reason one should not yet rush out and buy shares and in my case... to buy more shares but I will not and will my shares at the remained quantity.

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