Wednesday, 27 February 2013

When it all started...

A light above your head

Back in my youth I very early on started to buy stocks. This was due to that my father had a huge interest in trading with stocks and, unfortunately, making a quick buck. So my dad was and still is to this very day a pure speculator on the stock market. I can also honestly say that he has never made any real money on the stock market, and if one looks back I think he should even be happy if he has broken even.

However due to my father I therefore grew up knowing nothing besides from a speculative form of investing. At one moment in my life, when I went abroad for studies, I even signed over the rights for making stock market trades to my father. He started to speculate with my money on... you can maybe guess it... IT-stocks and of course at the very good moment just before the bubble burst. I lost 80% of my savings and I will, since then, never ever give the rights to someone else, family, friend or stock broker to be in charge of my money.

There is one thing I will consider though, which will be explained in a separate post, and that is to buy a computer controlled index fond with an as low fee as possible.

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