Tuesday 28 May 2013

Today I am angry

Goats, Stockholm, Sweden, KTH

I hate each and every occasion when I am making mistakes based on that I am a foreigner and not 100% understand German letters that are being sent to me. When I came back from my trip from Poland, which I will write a little about later, I had received a letter from my stock broker that they had sold my Commerzbank rights. This I did not want at all because I wanted to buy those shares for 4.5€. So because of my stupidity I now received some peanut money instead of the stocks. Very angry. I guess I must add the rule... when I receive papers that I do not understand 100% then call the bank and talk to them.

Unfortunately things like this happen every now and then when you are a foreigner and it is very easy to try to blame it on someone else but in the end it is (almost) always your own stupidity it goes back to like it was now for me.

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