Thursday 3 September 2015

Stocks of Interest: September 2015

Stocks, interesting, September, 2015

My latest investment TJX was a Lynch "shopping-mall" investment and it will serve me well over the coming years. The latest period of turbulence have left it pretty much untouched just like my second "shopping-mall" investment ABF. 
Almost everything looks cheaper today than what it did one month ago and one need to figure out why is it cheaper as my blog colleague valueandopportunity wrote about here. In these more general drops one can however often pick up quality companies at good prices and please consider that the Stocks of Interest list has nothing to do with quality and simply goes after cheap stocks. I also suspect that I need to take a look at all the Russian companies in the list. Plenty of them would probably be kicked out from the list with a fresher analysis.

For the previous report please visit Stocks of Interest: August 2015.

Stocks of Interest, August, 2015

The top ten on the list are as follows: Balaton, Pharmstandard, TransContainer, Sollers, Tag Immobilien, Encana, ARLP, Gilead Sciences, Splendid Medien and Casino. The retail stores Tesco, Walmart, Morrison, Casino etc have all become disliked which makes them interesting.

DAX, companies, September, 2015

The car producers have gone down one step further and in starts to be embarrassing to look at their valuation. RWE has dropped down to a low level and around -50% from when I bought them which was after a drop of -30% so it looks even more attractive today. MüRe, BASF and Allianz are all down at interesting levels.

Holdings, September, 2015, current

Many temptations starting from the banks, to my Russian car producer back to the German RWE and to the American Intel as well as IBM and then back to BASF, MüRe and Talanx. Too much excitement!

Conclusion: It is a difficult decision to make. Many of my current companies are heavily down and it makes me want to pick up more of them and on the other hand many other companies are also seriously down so it can be a good moment to bring in yet another company. Yeah, I think I will go for something new.

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