Saturday 10 June 2017

VW annual report 2016

Front page of the VW annual report 2016

To read the report in full please go here and to read the previous summary then please click on VW annual report 2015 and to find out more regarding VW then please visit analysis of VW 2016. 

In the financial statement below we can see that things are going a little bit better again for VW. The revenue kept growing and the earnings are, well, not as they have been in the past but we can see a direct increase with the 5+ billion € that they could bring home. The costs for special items was halved compared to in 2015.

Conclusion: VW have seen better days but also worse. Hopefully by cleaning up their act we will not see these kind of blunders for as long as I will remain as a shareholder in VW. I still worry about what a structure built on fear can cause for a company and if I own any more such companies today?

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