Saturday 1 May 2021

Dividends and odd matters April 2021


Shell decided to pay out dividends to me and I received 37.10 € as cosh on my broker account.

Skanska made a very nice dividend payment in the size of 231.49 € of which 69.45 € was retained in taxes and I received 162.04 € as cash on my account.

RWE also paid out a nice dividend in the size of 280.50 € of which 73.98 € was kept by the German tax office and I received 206.52 € as cash on my broker account.

Now move on to the more annoying matters... My broker account in Germany always send everything out as paper and needs a signature for everything such as when a company increases their shares. This means that I never manage to respond to any of that because the papers often arrives AFTER it has already taken place.

DBAG raised new shares and since I could not join in they were sold for ma and I received 153.41 € as cash on my broker account.

Apparently the ETF Portugal that I have owned since 2017 was suddenly liquidated and I received 8260.04 € as in cash on my broker account. I've been looking for a different PSI20 ETF but I've not managed to find one so I will have to push it into a different ETF.

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