Saturday, 13 May 2023

Bought stocks during April 2023

Due to the start of the new tax year in the UK on the 6th April it was possible to bring in £20k to the stock ISA again. Happily, since it was my last opportunity of doing so, I had the money available to directly make the transfer and to buy ETFs for. The Blackrock logo is here just a representation for a company with great cost effective ETF offerings, the two ETFs that I bought was from Vanguard, but their logo was not as an image so I couldn't use it. Both of them have a fee below the required 0.5% as it should be with an ETF.

ETF S&P500 - bought 58 parts at a total cost of 5,570.24 €.

ETF All-World - bought 250 parts at a total cost of 17,571.66 €.

My ETF portion of the portfolio increased a little bit more. They will be included in the upcoming monthly summary.

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