Saturday 13 May 2023

Bought stocks during April 2023

Due to the start of the new tax year in the UK on the 6th April it was possible to bring in £20k to the stock ISA again. Happily, since it was my last opportunity of doing so, I had the money available to directly make the transfer and to buy ETFs for. The Blackrock logo is here just a representation for a company with great cost effective ETF offerings, the two ETFs that I bought was from Vanguard, but their logo was not as an image so I couldn't use it. Both of them have a fee below the required 0.5% as it should be with an ETF.

ETF S&P500 - bought 58 parts at a total cost of 5,570.24 €.

ETF All-World - bought 250 parts at a total cost of 17,571.66 €.

My ETF portion of the portfolio increased a little bit more. They will be included in the upcoming monthly summary.

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