Monday 8 January 2024

The stock portfolio development during 2023


Due to the end-of-year rush on the stock exchange the development of the portfolio was semi ok. My stock portfolio increased in value by 54.6k € of which 11.1k € was in added investments which means that 43.5k € came from snowball effect.

In the previous report the stock portfolio development 2022 I spoke about that I had readjusted my target from the original 750k € to ~450k €, to buy a renovations object close to a warm beach and close to skiing during winter. Spain has started to be more interesting that France. I handed in my letter of resignation and left the UK in May 2023 to move back to Sweden to live in the family summerhouse while converting a campingvan. The campingvan is ready and I'm planning to leave in spring 2024. I do around 2 days per month of consultancy job for my old company but I must say that I am bored. Being retired is not as fun as one might think it to be. Everyone of my friends in Sweden are busy with their kids and their activities and it is a very, to put it bluntly, boring, not to have a job to go to every day. I'm therefore very certain that once I have fixed the renovations object I will, one way or the other, get back into the workforce again.

As can be seen in the graph above my plan is working well. In my first year (2012) of investment I ended up with a stock portfolio in the value of 17,659 € which was 4,744 € more then my plan required. In the second year (2013) my stock portfolio grew with 73 % and ended up with a value of 30,623 € which was 4,723 € above my target meaning that I managed to stay ahead of my plan but I did not manage to increase this advantage. In the third year (2014) my stock portfolio grew with 57% and I ended up with a value of 48,208 € which is then 8,333 € ahead of my investment plan which means that I managed to double my advantage during 2014. In the fourth year (2015) my portfolio grew by 53% and I am up at a value of 73,579 €. My plan was to have a stock portfolio of 54,915 € in the end of 2015 which means that I am now 18,664 € ahead of my plan. During my fifth year (2016) which was horrible in terms of new investments my portfolio still grew by 20% and the value was up at 88,414 € which mean that I was still 17,312 € ahead of my plan. In the sixth year (2017) the portfolio grew by 24% with a value of 109,606 € which was 21,802 € ahead of my plan. Followed by my seventh year of investing (2018) and an estimated growth of 19% and a value of ~130,000 which kept me 22,726 € ahead of my plan (hit by divorce). To then in my eighth year of investing (2019) with a growth of 24% with a stock portfolio value of 160,669 € and me being 33,216 € ahead of the plan (still hit by divorce). In the ninth year of investing (2020) and a growth of 52% and a stock portfolio at 243,801 € and me being 94,629 € ahead of the plan (final year of being hit by divorce). In my tenth year (2021) I had a growth of 57% and a stock portfolio at 383,941 € and by that I was 211,395 € ahead of the original plan. In the eleventh year (2022) I had a growth of measly 19% and a stock portfolio of 455,859 € and by that I was 258,156 € ahead of the original plan. In the twelfth year (2023), the year I left my job, I had a growth of 12% and a stock portfolio of 510,439 € and by that I was 285,661 € ahead of the original plan.

The larger the portfolio the less impact further investments will have and in this case I've not only stopped putting any more money in but instead I'm now taking out money instead.

Conclusion: 2023 turned out to be a good year for my stocks that no longer relies on new fresh large chunks of money being added to the pot but instead extraction of assets.


Jan said...

Thanks for the update and thank you for the honest reflection on being bored in early retirement. That is something I have been thinking about; how to keep things socially and inte interesting after quitting the worklife. Probably staying actively involved in society in someway, as volunteer / or in a company role that appeals is the way to go.

Anonymous said...

Growth means the gain of your investments, or also additional money you put in ?

Onevikinggirl said...

You need some ERE friends, want to do a Financial freedom meetup in Sweden during 2024? Onevikinggirl@gmail

Fredrik von Oberhausen said...

Yes, Since I've lived for the last 20+ years in different countries in Europe my friends are very spread out, and I also do not have any kids. Having friends more concentrated as well as having kids is a great way to keep a social life healthy and I think / hope that will make it easier for many of you.
What probably adds to my boredom is that I'm on hold for the next step and once that has been established then I will start to work again with something that is fun for me.

Fredrik von Oberhausen said...

The growth included the 11k that I added to the portfolio. I'm not a good investor, I'm good at saving money due to living a simple life and all of it was pushed into stocks.

Fredrik von Oberhausen said...

If I'm still in Sweden then I would be happy to join in a meeting and with the camping van ready I can pretty much go anywhere in Sweden.