Friday 27 December 2013

Personalized Index Fund A: December 2013

personalized index fund A performance

It was once again time to make an update of the personalised index fund A which was based on DAX companies and that the performance they have had. If they had performed poorly more money was redistributed to them. So the base value was 2000 euro and then the strong performers I only virtually bought shares for 1500 euro and the poor once for 2500 euro.

It is indeed amazing to see how DAX is beating PIF A. Since this virtual fund was created DAX has gone up by 21.2% and the fund A only 14.4%. What I like here is to see how difficult it is to beat DAX I am truly amazed each time I look at these funds and when I look at my own result with the real shares.

My decision that I will force myself to buy index funds for a certain amount of my portfolio only grows stronger for each passing day.

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