Thursday 2 January 2014

German inside trading: December 2013

inside trading, Germany, December, 2013

December has now finished and it is high time to take a look at what the managers and other key figures in the companies have been up to. The list below contains all the companies that had activities in terms of buying and selling.

Activities December 2013:

Advanced Vision Technology - bought and sold shares
SolarWorld - sold shares
SHW - sold shares
Henkel - sold shares, the company was previously analysed here.
Dürr - sold shares, analysed here.
WCM Beteiligungs - sold shares
BASF - bought and sold shares, analysed here.
iTN Nanovation AG - bought shares
Indus Holding - bought shares
Cancom - bought and sold shares
Stratec Biomedical - sold shares
H&R AG - bought shares
Rofin-Sinar - sold shares
SNP Schneider-Neureither & Partner - bought shares
Wacker Chemie - sold shares
ProSiebenSat.1 Media - sold shares
S&T - sold shares
Nucletron Electronic - bought shares
Deutsche Annington Immobilien SE - bought shares
Gigaset - sold shares
Leoni AG - bought and sold shares, analysed here.
Wirecard - sold shares
Gagfah - sold shares, analysed here.
Pulsion Medical Systems - bought and sold shares
Manz - sold shares
3W Power S.A. - sold shares
Deufol - bought and sold shares
Capital Stage - bought shares
BB Biotech - bought shares
SGL Carbon - sold shares
Verbio - bought shares
Allgeier - bought shares
Hypoport AG - sold shares
Evonik - bought shares, analysed here.
Fast Casualwear - bought shares
CTS Eventim - bought and sold shares
Technotrans - bought shares
IVU Traffic Technologies - bought shares
Gerresheimer - sold shares
HAHN Immobilien - bought shares
Alstria - bought shares, analysed here.
Vita34 - bought shares
Commerzbank - bought and sold shares, analysed here.
Senator Entertainment - sold shares
Bastei Lübbe - bought shares
Einhell Germany - bought and sold shares
Westgrund - bought and sold shares
PEH Wertpapier - bought shares
Asian Bamboo - bought shares, analysed here.
Hamborner REIT - sold shares

Conclusion: SHW was really being sold out! The founder of Asian Bamboo is buying back his company on the cheap. Besides from that nothing really interesting. But please go back and take a look at the old lists. There are some companies that are being bought month after month after month which should be considered as a good sign.

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