Friday 14 February 2014

Changes to the blog

Brandenburger Tor, Berlin, My contrarian adventure

Lately I have been trying to perform some changes to the blog as some of you might have notice. The mobile version has now been even more improved and I am happy with how clean it looks and it is very easy to read the five latest articles and they are being represented in a nice way if someone has any complaints or further changes that I should do then please notify me.

On the web blog I have implemented a more stricter way of publishing things which I hope makes it look nicer and become easier to read and to follow the analysis that I am making. I am still trying to find a nice picture for the monthly summary and for the inside trading. In both of them I am stuck with the ugly drawings I made.

Since some time ago the Brandenburger Tor image (which is seen above also) has been converted into a button which will give upon clicking on it a random article so if you feel bored and has nothing to do besides from cleaning your belly-button then you might as well see if there are any old publications from me that you have missed by giving the button a go.

The reason for this implementation is because I have realised that there start to be a substantial amount of articles now on this blog and sometimes a new company and new investment can maybe be found by not using the monkey (can be hard to get hold of) and a dart board filled with companies but instead the "My contrarian adventure" logo.


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