Tuesday 4 February 2014

Summary of January 2014

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The sad thing this month is that I was forced to hold my investment due to my unfortunate situation with the company. It seriously disturbed me and much more then what I would have expected. I hope that I one day will be able to get at least 12,000 € in dividend per year so that I can keep up the monthly investment of at least 1,000 € per month. I know that at some point it will become a rolling schedule with sold companies, dividend payments etc. but I am today several years away from that situation to start occurring both when it comes to receiving enough dividend for making one monthly investment and secondly to have healthy enough companies that can be sold at a nice profit.

After some serious calculations on my private economy as well as the companies it should be enough that I give it a credit of 2,500 €. It has been a very frugal month and without dropping below zero on the bank account, as well as without selling any shares, I actually think that I will be able to make that payment now in February. More simply put... If I do not then the company will lack the liquidity to pay the bills which could quickly lead to insolvency and six years of my life down the drain so I should not allow that to happen.

Now back to the important things and enough of my sob stories!

The invested value crept up a little due to my stupid dealings with taking the BP dividend as shares instead of cash and are therefore up at 34,470 €. I mentioned it in the last report which I published late and had then also noticed the issue that had happened.

The current value on my stock portfolio is now up at 31,804 € which means that I am -2,666 € (-7.7%) compared to my invested money. I got some dividend from ABF so there is now 31 € in cash on the deposit so not much to brag about but still it is worth 15 döner kebab in Berlin or 18 curry wurst if you prefer to count in those.

This turned out to be the first month where I went in the good direction and DAX in the bad one. I had even started to get used to doing the opposite and had kept bad track of the development this month so it was a nice surprise.

DAX went -2.6% during January but are since the start still +32.5%. I had a good month and went +2.5% but on the long run I am still -7.7% as mentioned above.

For the full portfolio report please go here and if you have suggestions for stocks that I should analyse then please go here. If you do write a comment then it will not appear directly because I always screen it first and as soon as I have done that it will be published.


Chris Bailey said...

Great January performance and hopefully for you the start of a strong 2014. Keep working, keep the faith and I am enjoying reading about the journey. Munich Re shares up this morning post numbers!

Fredrik von Oberhausen said...

Thanks! Yes, my companies have done surprisingly well on the market.
Ah, I was not on top of MüRe releasing data for full year 2013. Thanks for the heads up on that.