Sunday, 20 April 2014

Happy Easter to all of you

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This year I even received an Easter card from my little nephew which I am very impressed over since he is only one year and eight months so his skills are spectacular! Now for Easter I will see him once again and this time maybe he will even be talking a little! This is indeed good news because that also means that one can start teaching him about frugal living and austerity.

As a responsible uncle I will do my very best to explain to him that he will not be allowed to buy a new car, that he will never be allowed to take any credit unless it is for buying an apartment or a house and when he studies he is not allowed to take the credit only the part that is given by the Swedish government and on the side he should flip burgers or something similar to make sure he can pay his bills.

Most of the things I want to teach him I probably have to wait with but maybe one can start with small steps of his and mine and that to get things he must do something in return... Most likely I will fail with this little project during the Easter especially since I only got one and a half day with him but I will try.

Looking back at my own life I have made many of the mistakes that I want to teach him and in a way I wonder... just like I want to teach my nephews and future kids about things I find important to live a good life I wonder what my own parents took with them and have tried to teach me and what about my siblings? What do they want to teach their own children?

And what do you want to teach yours?


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