Friday 25 July 2014

In the summer heat

Summer, hot, Portugal, 2006

At the moment we are having a strong heat wave in the Nordic countries and I was among the lucky ones having vacation at the absolutely best moment to enjoy the sun, the sea and of course plenty of BBQs.

Now it is high time to start thinking a little as an investor and to ask ourselves: who make money during a warm summer which will be seen during the Q3 reporting for 2014?

Ice cream producers will definitely earn some money! So maybe one should start to take a closer look at analysis of Nestlé and why not analysis of Unilever to look at some ice cream producers? Any other of interest that I have missed and should analyse?

I guess to that comes that people are going even more cafés to drink, maybe not a warm coffee or hot chocolate but something cold that all of them offer also today! Here is the analysis of Starbucks which might come in handy.

People will also consume more sodas so Coca Cola and PepsiCo will for sure do well and with the BBQ people like to drink beer so all the big beer producing companies will make larger sales during these hot summer weeks.

It may become the occasion that pushes people over to decide that they need to buy a pool for their garden. Who produce those? People might be pushed over to install AC-units to have a more evenly temperature control all year round. this will not only be beneficial to the producers of those units but also to the electricity producers. See analysis of E.On. 2014, analysis of Fortum, analysis of RWE 2014, analysis of Enel 2014, analysis of BKW Energy, analysis of Cez 2014, analysis of EDF, or why not analysis of Iberdrola.

Which other companies will benefit from a hot summer? Especially second line of benefiters would be of interest!

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