Sunday 28 June 2015

Summer break 2015 is here

Flowers, beautiful, friends, Sweden

I just now got the final result from my macro economy studies that I have conducted full-time at the University of Lund in Sweden. Full time today means that one have to collect 30 credits during one semester and one applies for the courses semester based. This, on the other hand, means that I have already applied for the new courses for the autumn semester,

When I was a student the last time then there were only three grades. Failed, Passed or you Passed with Extinction. Today they have decided to give more pads on the shoulders so you got F, E, D, C, B and A. F is failed and everything else is different levels of having too many points on the exam which, in the end, means that you studied too much.

Now that this macro economy is over I must say that I find thoughts around macro economy exciting but the economy studies of it, is as useless as it gets. Too many estimators are being used and what concerns me the most is that they seem to forget that down the line there was a estimators used that everything else is based on which in the end makes what comes out bullshit. As I have mentioned before the old rules bullshit in = bullshit out will always apply no matter how fancy equations you try to make to cover up the fact.

I am not a good scientist but still a scientist I am and macro economy and their bullshit calculations I found very offending. I have serious problem to make a calculation or to draw a graph that I know is bullshit and not once in the books that I read did I see a single example of a real situation that had worked out today as well as historically. Often they even in the book were bringing up "old" ways of calculations and forcing the students to learn that even though they could show examples with time periods in history when the "theory" had not worked. I am sorry but then, first of all it is not a theory and secondly if the hypothesis is not working then it should not be presented in the books because they are then bullshit and must be treated as such. If I would have wanted to study history of macro economic bullshit with all the failed hypothesis then I would have picked that topic. If one would have tossed out all the hypothesis of useless material the macro economy books would have become very thin, very thin indeed.

What scares me the most is that the people studying macro economy end up in powerful positions in society that often give serious advice to Governments of what to do. If a large part of these advices are made up of estimators that are picked based on the emotional status of the person how reliable are they then?  I never even once saw a calculation of the error in the estimators and what that error would mean in the final calculation. Very scary indeed. Maybe the macro economist could start to open their eyes by making error calculations.

So, in the end I managed to crack the 30 credits for this spring semester which means that I now have summer holiday break and I can once again focus 100% on running my company and to write articles for this blog and maybe every now and then push in some real life (= non work related) experience when possible.

Oh, and my grades were not very good but for the time spent on it then in most cases I apparently did study too much since I got a better grade than E and my take away from this experience was that I will never ever study macro economy again and a second take-away was that I got my study routine back which will help me in my crusade for getting a degree in Business Administration on the side of the other stuff I am up to.

It should also be mentioned that the flowers were not due to me finishing my degree (they are far to beautiful for that) but they were due to that I got married last month.

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