Friday 1 April 2016

German inside trading: March 2016

Inside trading, Germany, March, 2016

From one month ago the overall share prices have increased for the deepest point that took place in February. The managers were then also fairly active and especially in terms of buying shares in their companies. Share prices have now increased again which one might think would lead to less buying.

For the previous report please click on German inside trading: February 2016.

ProSiebenSat.1 - bought and sold shares, analysis of ProSiebenSat.1.
Dürr - bought shares, analysis of Dürr.
Syzygybought shares
Deutsche Konsum bought shares
PVA TePlabought shares
Softing - bought shares
SinnSchrader - bought shares
Berentzen - bought shares
Symrise AG bought shares
Evonik - bought shares, analysis of Evonik.
Qiagen - sold shares
Merck - bought shares, analysis of Merck 2015.
SLM Solutionssold shares
Scout24 - bought shares
Advanced Vision Technology sold shares
CEWE Stiftung bought and sold shares
K+S - bought shares, analysis of K+S 2015.
Accentro Real Estate  sold shares
Grenkeleasing AG - bought shares
Braas Monier - bought shares
Dialog Semiconductor - sold shares
7C Solarparken  sold shares
Zalando - bought and sold shares
Zeal Network - bought shares
Telegate - bought shares
TUI - bought shares, analysis of TUI Group 2014.
Deutz - bought shares
Delticom - bought shares
Realtech - bought shares
Nordex - bought shares, analysis of Nordex.

_wige Media - bought shares
Covestro - bought shares
Volkswagen - bought shares, analysis of VW 2015.
Drillischbought shares
Evotec - bought shares

Conclusion: high activity with ProSiebenSat.1 and especially on the buy side, Deutsche Konsum, Covestro and CEWE also had high buy activity. My companies K+S and VW were happily bought into which I like very much. On the sell side there was high activity with Accentro and Dialog Semiconductor. There did seem to be a bit less buying but the biggest difference is the increase of sold companies.

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