Tuesday 12 December 2017

Stock sold December 2017: Deere

Logo of Deere 2017

My sales criteria for Deere was when Warren Buffet sold his shares. Today I would never put such a criteria in place and to be fair I correctly also ignored in when it comes to Deere as I am currently ignoring it when it comes to IBM. For me the Deere shares have reached over valuation and the value has gone from around 80 up to around 150 USD in less than a year without the earnings to follow up on that. If Deere would today have had "normal" earnings then they would be fairly valued but they are not yet there and I am not certain when they will be there but by the look of things the market has already priced them as if they would be there.

I have therefore left Deere as a shareholder and I sold all my 30 shares for, around 127.3 € per share, giving a total of 3,819.81 € and I had to pay -9.55 € in fees which means that I was left with 3809.81 € in cash on my broker account.

I bought it back in October 2015 and I sold it now in December 2017 which gives an unfortunately short holding time of only 26 months (my average of sold shares are at 36 months). During this period I made a profit of 82% and on top of that I have received 128.21 € in dividends.

To follow the journey of Deere then please click here.

Any changes will be brought into the stock portfolio upon the next update in the very end of the month.

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