Sunday 14 April 2013

Our Greek friends

Greek debts are decreasing

I am very proud of what you have accomplished! By the look of it all the milestones have been reached and another 10 billion € will be sent towards Greece. This is great news!
The main problem was and to a large extent still is the amount of people working in governmental jobs. What I understood they have now found a way of which it is possible to decrease the governmental employees even though they have taken an "oath" which would mean they could not get fired... ever... but apparently if two institutions are put together and a job then becomes obsolete then that person can be fired. So they have found a loop-hole to be able to not only decrease the governmental jobs but also to produce a more efficient governmental machinery by decrease the amount of institutions.

Today I read a very nice article by Nikos Chrysoloras at ekathimerini (article from 17th of February). It was an interview with Klaus Regling who is current managing director of the European Stability Mechanism (ESM). I very much liked the replies that were given to the questions. There are some seriously clever people in Brussels especially if one goes slightly outside of the politically elected people there. Every time I have been interacting with people from Brussels I must say that I have been highly impressed with how sharp they are and the vision that they have on how to go forward. Visions are important and we need a lot of that in Europe at the moment with the additional baby step of progress and a pad on the back with an encouraging word.

Maybe we should come up with a European slogan similar to the famous British one: "Keep calm and Carry on" as a mantra for countries in deep recessions and as a mantra to the people that are paying.

Was sitting trying to come up with some but not very easy because one have to use words that are safe and has high value in its meaning. Maybe we should just steal the British sentence and make good translations to all the European countries.

But for now and from me:

Well done Greeks! Keep it up!

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