Monday 22 April 2013

Risk enhancement

borosilica crushed

During the weekend I read an article which concerned the frequent usage of stimulants by many of the investment bankers dealing with large sums of money. These stimulations caused them to take even higher risks then what would otherwise have been the case.

Can this be true? Would the board and the management in the banks allow these high risk-takers, which they already are from the start, to go even further with their risks by using external stimuli?

The author then also claimed that several of the banking crisis from the 1980s' have been caused by enhanced consumption of stimuli.

I definitely hope this is not true and that there are extensive and frequent tests being made on the traders working with the bank customers money. I mean... I would never allow a drunk or otherwise stimulated employee to work due to the enhanced risks that are then involved. I hope that every healthy and sane company have the same attitude towards their employees since that protects the employee, it protects your customers and not to forget the reputation and general well being of your company.

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