Saturday, 20 April 2013

Weekend shoping walk

still it looks pretty similar

I took my longer walk in the part called Mitte in Berlin. The more precise area was from Hackescher Markt going up Rosenthaler Str. and then I continued on Torstr. and went back down on Alte Schönhauser Str. To my knowledge this area has become more and more hip with nice modern restaurant (several of them with an Asian cuisine) and also plenty of hip and fashionable stores.

A lot of tourists are walking around there and general plenty of people so for that reason I did not get a good feeling for shopping bags. The variation was just too broad to make a clear statement.

However the stores were more or less visited and here follows the stores that were very well visited:

Pylones - Is a French company that are producing decorative intensively coloured rubber objects for the home. As most stores they have a very nice online store. Only thing I found was that they have 350 k€ equity but does not seem to be out on the market.

Dr. Martens - A UK company that are selling mainly shoes with a special sole that are resistant to almost everything according to their own claims. The store has also expanded into some cloths etc. I did not manage to find something but I assume that the Griggs family, that invented the shoes, still are the main/only owner.

Muji -This Japanese company is active in retail and household consumer products. The are pushing environment with recycling as a big theme. The company is registered on the Japanese stock exchange under the company name of Ryohin Keikaku.

Camper - This Spanish primarily shoe company have lately also expanded into cloths and have currently also two hotels (one in Barcelona & one in Berlin). Several of my friends are wearing Camper shoes and are very happy with them. The company is currently family owned.

14 oz. - They have two stores in Berlin and is selling a lifestyle as well as making sure they have exclusive products on display. I think I saw a pair of jeans for 450 € there once. The jeans I wear today cost 19 € with belt in Primark and that was the high end price for their jeans. The two stores actually belongs to BREAD & butter GmbH & Co. KG which is privately owned and are holding/arranging tradeshows in the old airplane hangars at Tempelhof.

Weekday - Weekday is a progressive retail store concept, offering jeans and fashion-forward design from brands and designers. Dang! That took me some time to find. They were hiding it very well but they belong to H&M so they are traded on the Swedish stock exchange. Weekday currently have 21 stores in Europe which are mainly in the Nordic countries but they are expanding south.

Luccico - This is a shoe store that sounds Italian but is German. They have five stores in Berlin and it is privately owned.

Machima - They claim to be store for young independent people selling cloths. They have only two stores: One in München where the company originates from and one in Berlin. The company is not traded on the stock market and have no online shopping.

COS - High end design and quality where they are favouring style over fashion in their cloths. They have an online shop and surprise, surprise they also belong to H&M.

Diesel - An Italian company that have more than 400 stores selling jeans and other fashionable cloths. The founder of the company is still CEO. The company does not appear to be on the stock market.

WALD - A small store that is run by a model and a stylist. They bring in odd little cloth brands from various parts of the world. The also own the company.

Schoen Hauser - selling extremely expensive designed furniture and accessories. The company/store is privately owned.

SOMA - Selling designer cloths from various countries. The two stores that exists in Berlin are privately owned.

Kennel & Schmenger - A shoe and bag store/producer that have a total of eight stores in Germany. The company is privately owned.

Specs berlin - Are selling glasses and designed frames from high end brands. Have only to my knowledge one store. Privately owned.

Barbour - The very famous producer of jackets and vests in oil-cloth. It belongs to J. Barbour and Sons Ltd. in England and is a privately owned company.

Onitsuka Tiger - This Japanese mainly shoe company belongs to Asics Corporation. It is a company with a very nice history that is worth to read through. They are traded on the Japanese stock market. They make the largest part of their sales in Japan, USA and Europe. The rest of the world is fairly uncharted.

Pro Danse - This store is specialised in selling shoes to ballet dancers and other professionals. based on the amount of people in the store either Berlin is an epicentre for dancers or plenty of non professional people also go there to buy comfortable shoes for dancing. The company is privately owned.

Comme - Exclusive cloth & bag fashion with by the look of it five stores in Berlin. The stores are privately owned.

No 74 - They have an exclusive selection of footwear, apparel and accessories of various brands but mainly the Adidas brand. Have three stores in Europe. Berlin, Paris and London where each store has the same number as the address they are on. I am still not certain but it seems to be a concept store for and by the Adidas group which in that case means it is traded on DAX.

All Saints - Cloth fashion for men and women. This is an English company that now has over 100 stores mainly in Europe but also in the larger metropolis world wide. What I found was the store is privately owned by Lion Capital.

Ben Sherman - A fashion retailer for men. It belongs to Oxford Industries Inc and is traded on the stock market in the US.

Orlando - Extremely expensive shoes and handbags. Only seem to have two stores, both in Berlin. Found no information but I guess privately owned.

Lindner - I have written about them in a previous report. I wonder if I will ever see a store that is not bustling with activity...

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