Sunday 1 September 2013

Personalized index fund A: August 2013

beating DAX 30

Wooops, I completely forgot to update the personalized index fund (PIF) during July. The only excuse I can even think about it is that I must have forgotten it due to all the stress at work before going on vacation in August. Either way now I remembered it and will therefore also publish it.

I have probably mentioned it before that I am very unhappy with this index fund. Please read here how I constructed the index fund. I have therefore started to look into even easier option of the fund which also includes less investments made. I have it running in the background and will make a publication of it once I see it working... or not at all.

Both DAX as well as the PIF improved from June and from the starting point DAX has now increased with 5.47% and the PIF has increased by 0.37%. My biggest problem in PIF is Commerzbank and RWE since I decided to, due their previous poor performance, to buy stocks for 2500 € instead of 2000 €. K+S is of course also a problem but there I only bought shares for 2000 € so I have been punished equal to DAX.

So after four months of running this virtual personalized index fond I am seriously beaten by DAX with over 5%. Go DAX!

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