Tuesday 24 September 2013

What is coming next?

A Swedish geotechnology companyA Swedish retail company

I have still two requests (Fenix Outdoor and Guideline Geo) that I will need to finish off and that will be done in the next couple of days. After that I have decided that it is a bit silly that I have not gone through all the stocks on Dax and MDax (and then some kind of selection from TecDax and SDax) so this simply must be done to have a proper database on the companies that Germany offers.

After that my idea would be to take a look at the major stocks in different European countries with most likely a focus towards the south and east since their might be some interesting grains to be found. But a little warning though... when I was going through that the last time which was a bit over a year ago then I found that all the "good" companies were still very expensive and only the bad ones had been severely beaten by Mr. Market as it also should be but for that reason I can not promise that we will find too many golden eggs.

While I make these pushes of the contrarian analysis then please just feel free to post requests for analysis of stocks that you find interesting here. I will try to make them as soon as possible and since these pushes will not be branch based I will try to bring in the things directly but it might take up to a week from request until analysis arrives.

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