Tuesday 1 October 2013

German inside trading: September 2013

What has the management been buying and selling?

Here I will report a selection of the inside trading that has happened during September 2013. For the companies that are small and more or less unknown there I will only bring up when the inside traders have been buying shares and for the more well known companies I will inform also when an insider have sold shares.

The activities as follows:

mybet Holding SE - bought shares
Deutsche Bank - sold shares
Nucletron Electronics - bought shares
Capital Stage AG - bought shares (they have bought a lot of shares!)
Allgeier SE - bought shares
SNP Schneider-Neureither & Partner AG - bought shares
Deutsche Lufthansa - bought shares
H&R AG - bought shares
Siemens - sold shares
Gildemeister AG - sold shares
Deutsche Post AG - sold shares
Deutsche Annington Immobilien SE - bought shares
Merck - sold shares
Leoni - sold shares
Estavis AG - bought shares
Gerry Weber - bought shares
Henkel - bought shares, sold shares
Orad Hi-Tech Systems Ltd. - bought shares
SAP AG - bought shares
iTN Nanovation AG - bought shares
RIB Software - bought shares
Daimler AG - sold shares
Morphosys AG - bought shares
Kabel Deutschland - sold shares
Linde AG - bought shares
PSI AG - bought shares

So one of my shares, Deutsche bank, were once again being sold off. I don´t like this but it will be interesting to see their Q3 report when that appears.
Capital Stage AG a solar and wind plant investor company there the activity has been extreme so it will be interesting to see what has been going on there.

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Fredrik von Oberhausen said...

Is this an ok way to represent the inside trading that has taken place in the German stock market?

Anyone has a better idea of how to make it one step better?

It become too much to really go through the companies which is why I only link to them instead so that you have the chance to take a closer look at them and maybe even make your own contrarian analysis!