Wednesday 2 October 2013

Summary of September 2013

Summary, September, 2013, Me vs DAX

The summary for September is, stock portfolio wise, not much better then what it was in August 2013. The month was privately less tough which was due to that I went back to a more normal life even though I am still on half salary but now I have adjusted fully.
I managed to transfer a crazy amount of money to my stock deposit (1739 €) which can be read about here. So I did at least manage to pay myself first this time!

invested contrarian stock september 2013

In the above pie chart which represents the money I have invested in stocks only a small change has occurred and that was the addition of DBAG. It is a solid investment company and I am pretty certain that the German industry will continue to go strong for the next couple of years. The total invested value is now up at 31,369 €.
current contrarian stock September 2013

The current value of the portfolio is down to 27,069 € (-14% from the start of this adventure) which comes mainly from the overall big decreases of Asian Bamboo and Commerzbank. I still believe in both shares and are not concerned. The CEO and founder was in end of July tanking 0.5% of the total shares in Asian Bamboo so also he seems to still believe in his own company. Even though I improved this month with 4.1% from last month I still got whopped by DAX.
contrarian stocks versus DAX index
The above chart is showing no big change since both DAX and I moved in similar directions during September. DAX increased by 5.4% from last month so 1.3% more (or better put almost 25% better) than my contrarian stocks. Overall DAX is up by over 25% since I started to compare myself with it.

I have still not lost confidence in any of the stocks that I own.

For the full portfolio report please go here and if you have suggestions for stocks that I should analyse then please go here. If you do write a comment then it will not appear directly because I always screen it first and as soon as I have done that it will be published.

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