Tuesday 26 November 2013

Contrarian stocks of interest November 2013

contrarian, stocks, November, 2013

It was high time to make an update of the contrarian stocks of interest which can be found here. We have plenty of additions to the list and those are:

Hannover Rückversicherung
Deutsche Euroshop

I have now also decided that it was time to kick out some companies from the contrarian list because they have simply become too expensive for being of interest to buy. And here are the companies that were kicked out from the list with the adjustment according to their current share price. I decided that everything over 110% of the towards price was kicked out:

kicked out, contrarian, stocks, november, 2013
Especially Grammer has made significant increases since I analysed it (+62%) and even more since I placed it on my follow list (+164%) some time before making the analysis.

I seem to be a bit upset about missed opportunities and I must definitely learn or better put find a way to handle that. Maybe the best approach is to remove them from the follow list when they get to expensive... a kind of out of vision out of mind approach but at the same time I really want to see how far a company like that can go and what happens then? Would I have jumped out too early? at the good moment or maybe too late? Hard to know how one would have responded when actually owning the stock...

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