Wednesday 20 November 2013

Pershing Square: William Ackman Q3 2013

Pershing Square run by William Ackman

This is the last of the four American investors that I follow and it is William Ackman with Pershing Square Capital Management L.P. Usually they have very few companies and are making few trades. This quarter was no different and no new American companies entered into the portfolio, two were kicked out and three saw decreased positions. Only one stock had an increased position as can be seen in the list below:

Q3, 2013, Pershing Square, William Ackmann

Conclusion: By the look of things they are building up cash. Interesting is also that they have a pretty large call option on Proctor & Gamble. So they decreased their shares in P&G and then placed a large call option. It is an investment field that am currently not working with and I do not know if I ever will.

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