Monday 18 November 2013

Greenlight Capital Inc: David Einhorn Q3 2013

Greenlight Capital run by David Einhorn

David Einhorn and his Greenlight Capital were a little bit more relaxed this quarter. They managed to add three new companies and they kicked out another three.

The new one were:

Intrexon Corp - Claim to improve the bioindustrial revolution via better DNA. I have never heard the word bioindustrial before. Either way they are by the quick look of it working with the enhancement of DNA so similar to Monsanto but they are pushing four fields. Health, Food, Energy and Environment.

NVR Inc - An American real estate and home financing company.

Tempur Sealy - It is the matrasses and pillow company that are working with ergonomics and composition mixtures to improve the sleep of people.

Here are all the changes that have happened during the quarter:
Q3, 2013, David Einhorn, Greenlight Capital
Conclusion: David was mainly kicking things out or significantly decreasing their positions which is a big surprise since David is very often highly active when it comes to trading in the quarter and since they are smaller than for instance Berkshire they also have an easier time to shift their positions faster.

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