Tuesday 4 March 2014

Summary of February 2014

Summary, February, 2014, Me vs. DAX

So I have finally decided upon the summary picture and as you can see it is a previously published picture that I decided to change a little.
Currently I am in Delhi attending and presenting at a conference here. The schedule is tough so I do not know if I will have the time to make interesting investor observations concerning what they buy, use etc. but I will try my very best especially since I assume that after China then India will boom just before Africa gets started with their boom. My head is also a little foggy so there might be more spelling errors than usual.

With my own company things are still hard but there is a faint light in the end of the tunnel. I expect that I will be able to start investing again during next month and I am seriously looking forward to this since I found some very nice new candidates in February but in the end I went for one of the old ones since it had dropped so much in price. Oh, well, next month is a new month for investing!

The total invested value was increased by a little over 1,000 euro to 35,475 € and that was due to that I increased my position in Kernel that are currently in the middle of a potential war.

The current value of the stock portfolio is currently at 33,006 € which is an increase of almost 0.8% but I am still in total -7% or in real money -2,460 € which is more then double my living costs and more than my monthly salary.

What we see in the graph above is that once again I was beaten by DAX this time things were looking very good and if I had done this analysis last Friday instead of today the situation would have been inverse but an over 20% drop in one share during one day is enough to change such matters. So DAX is now at 9359 which means it is up 35% since the start and from last month DAX is up 1.9% versus my 0.8%. So I once again take my hat off to DAX and acknowledge its superiority.

For the full portfolio report please go here and if you have suggestions for stocks that I should analyse then please go here. If you do write a comment then it will not appear directly because I always screen it first and as soon as I have done that it will be published.

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