Saturday 1 March 2014

German inside trading: February 2014

Germany, inside trading, February, 2014

The German inside trading in February was very modest I must say. Only some minor changes here and there which made it very easy for me to construct the list!

Here the dealings come:

Deutsche Bank - sold shares, DB analysis here.
Siemens - bought  and sold shares, analysed here.
Adler - bought shares, analysed here.
Capital Stage - bought shares
Bastei Lübbe - bought shares
LEG Immobilien - sold shares, analysis here.
Biofrontera - bought shares
RWE - bought shares, analysed here.
Senator - sold shares
Jungheinrich - sold shares
Intershop Communications - bought shares
Heidelberg Druckmachinen - bought shares
Beta System Software - bought shares
Haikui Seafood - bought shares
Metro - bought shares, analysed here.
R. Stahl - sold shares
GEA Group - bought shares, analysed here.
Drillisch - sold shares
Leifheit - bought shares
Pulsion Medical Systems - sold shares
Tom Tailor - bought shares
Fritz Nols - bought shares
SHW - sold shares
TUI - sold shares, analysed here.
Villeroy & Boch, bought shares
Fortec - sold shares
Vita34 - bought shares
Kion Group - sold shares
Aareal Bank - sold shares, analysed here.
Prime Office - bought shares

Conclusion: The hottest stock of February seemed to be Pulsion Medical Systems. Not only did key people sell off shares but also several investment companies were dumping their shares on the market. The same goes for TUI it is being sold, sold, sold!

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