Thursday 19 June 2014

Dividend from Intel: June 2014

Intel, an American chip producer

The American giant Intel sticks to classical US traditions and pay dividends each quarter. For each share I received 0.225 USD which then gives me for my 100 shares 22.5 USD that which conversion to euro becomes 16.5 €. On this I have to pay 15% taxes (-2.48 €) and I end up with 14.02 € added to my account.

Lately there has been some good news from Intel which has significantly pushed up the share price. The reason has been connected to increased sale of desktop units to businesses. It is interesting to follow how dependent Intel is to Microsoft and their decision to stop updating an operating system (this time XP). By the look of it... when a new operating system has to be bought the companies decide to directly buy new desktops computers. Please go here for the analysis of Intel 2014.

The Stock Dividends page has now been updated.

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