Tuesday 3 June 2014

Summary of May 2014

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Whaaam, paoooow, baaaam! Oh, my gosh did I get smacked in the face by DAX! I am definitely getting crushed and it is interesting to observe. The month has been different. Me and my girlfriend decided to move in together and after looking for an apartment in the overcrowded Berlin we made the decision that I move in to her. So we are now living on 43 m2 (including the small balcony) and the rent for me will be around 200 euro per month so I managed to cut my rent by more than the half.

Additional benefits are that I get out of my electricity and gas contract both of which I had very low consumption but the fixed price was the same no matter what and now we will be two to share the fixed cost of the electricity bill. I sold my old washing machine and my fridge/freezer and managed to get 170 euro for them.

When you move out of an apartment in Germany you as a renter are forced to make "schönheitsreparaturen" which means that you have to freshly paint the walls (including ceiling) and you even might be forced to lacquer the doors, heaters and pipes. An idiotic system because you are forcing amateurs to do a job that should be done by professionals and paid by the owner (which he or she has of course collected via the rent already). But this is Germany. They have a lot of sick rules and loopholes that can be used and abused if you want to make some extra euros on the direct cost of other people.

I have also increased the distance to work which makes it very close to the border of what is acceptable but I can get to work, of course by bicycle, in 35 minutes. This will be good for my health and general fitness level. Downside is that in winter I might be forced to go by car if the roads and bicycle roads are too icy.

I decided to move differently this time and since I went to her place directly I took it very easy and did one day packing, next day driving over to her place and leaving the stuff. If we needed it in the apartment then it went there and otherwise into her dry basement that is probably 20 m2. The total move including the renovation ended up at a cost of 440 euro which is probably the cheapest move I have made as of yet and I am impressed how much stuff I can manage to pack into my small Colt.

We will have to see how long it works out to live this small. Each month passing means plenty of saved money for the both of us that we should be able to invest on the stock market or into index funds. Even though in total invested value I am ahead of schedule, I am this year behind schedule with over 3000 euro (my target is to invest 1000 euro each month) and I hope that I in the second half of 2014 will be able to catch up.

So back to what this should really be all about...

Invested value, contrarian, May, 2014, stock portfolio
There has been no changes to the invested value and it is still at 36,534 €. I expect that I will be able to make a new investment in June which will in that case be to increase positions I already hold.

Current value, stock portfolio, May, 2014

The value of the portfolio has increased a little during May and I am currently at 34,143 € and I am still down by -2,390 € compared to the investment amount but compared to last month the portfolio increased with 0.6%.

DAX, battle, index, May, 2014
Wooow! DAX has been running like a crazy monkey on a rampage! Index jumped up with +4.1% compared to last month and is now up at amazing 9950 points! All the articles in the financial newspapers concerns breaking the 10k etc. Since this journey started DAX is up by 43.5% while I am down by -6.5%. Oh... and DAX won again.

For the full portfolio report please go to the Stock Portfolio page and if you have suggestions for stocks that I should analyse then please go to the Analysis Requests page. If you do write a comment then it will not appear directly because I always screen it first and as soon as I have done that it will be published.

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