Sunday 16 November 2014

Cez report Q3 2014

Cez, Q3, 2014, front page

Cez arrived with their third quarter report and nothing much happened to the share price which is good news since the other electricity companies are getting pretty pounded at the moment... and what is worse is that the reason for the pounding in most cases are also correct. Still this is about Cez and here comes as follows...

For the full report please click here and for the previous report please see Cez report Q2 2014.

In the financial statement we see that they are not doing too well and the revenues have kept dropping. Happily the costs have also dropped but unfortunately not to the same extent as the loss of revenue. That then also leaves us with a much lower net income for the running nine months. The consolidated is slightly higher than the net presented below. Still... around -40% decreased earnings is no fun.

Cez, Q3, 2014, financial statement

What was however kind of good news was that they have kept cleaning their liabilities so both the long term as well as current liabilities have decreased.

Cez, Q3, 2014, Equity & Liabilities

Conclusion: Decreased revenue and earnings but at least they are trying to make the future become better by decreasing their liabilities so that I find good. There was nothing else in the report that either made me concerned or excited so i will remain as shareholder in Cez.

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