Thursday 3 March 2016

Stocks of Interest: March 2016

2016, March, stocks

There are still several nice investments but by the look of it... each passing day and those options are once again getting less and less. For me, as long as I run this contrarian investment approach, there will however always be investments to be made. Last month I pushed in 3k € into IBM, Intel and BASF. All three are solid dividend payers with a solid revenue and earnings basis.

Oh, just like the previous spring I have come to realise that the laid back schedule of one article per day just is not enough. I already have three annual reports with new yearly analysis that must be made + all the dividend payments that are now dropping in + it is soon time to analyse all the DAX companies again... so every now and then I will push out two articles per day.

Secondly... since I have for some time now been embarrassed with how old some of the analysis are on the Stock of Interest list I have now decided to kick out everyone that is from 2014. This means that the list will change significantly as you will notice below.

For the previous report please visit Stocks of Interest: February 2016.

March, 2016, Interesting, Stocks

The top ten list have now become: Balaton, ARLP, Encana, Gilead Sciences, Volkswagen, Fossil, Qualcomm, Splendid Medien, Apple and finally Gerry Weber. The only company on that list that makes me a bit excited is Apple.

DAX, companies, March, 2016

When we look at the companies on DAX then the cars are still cheap. BMW below 80 € is not a bad deal in my opinion. BASF can also be bought pretty cheap at the moment so that would also have been interesting if I had not already bought it last month.

March, 2016, current, portfolio

Looking at my current holdings then, as always, the banks, cars, utilities are all very cheap. Since a long time I have been interested in increasing my Enel holding but I never seem to come around to it. Maybe this will be the month! Adidas is now very high. I had a talk to my wife about Adidas and asked her if she thought they would be around for the next 20 years. Her answer was yes which means that I see no reason to sell it for the next 20 years either.

Conclusion: Apple looks interest, BMW and BASF looks interesting and I also find Enel to be interesting at the current price. Hmmmm.... hard... I have 2k to invest and I will use it all also this month but in my thoughts there are two other investments that interest me right now.

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