Saturday 21 May 2016

BASF report Q1 2016

BASF, Q1, 2016, front page

The first quarter has passed also for BASF and their report is out. I no longer remember the response from the market but generally the share price for BASF has been kept at a low level which is favourable for those interested in an excellent investment in the years to come.

For the report in full please go here and for the latest summary which was the BASF annual report 2015 then please click on that link and to find out more about The Chemical Company then please visit analysis of BASF 2016.

The first quarter was revenue wise awful for BASF. Seriously bad! Instead of 20 billion we are down by -29% and only generated 14 billion. Bad! The cost control was however good and in the end the quarter ended up with a better result compared to in 2015 and for us shareholders there are already around 1.5 € per share in earnings. 

BASF, Q1, 2016, highlights

Conclusion: Things are not good for BASF but the costs are being controlled which means they still manage to make good earnings. I will remain as a shareholder in BASF and need to consider to maybe increase my position slightly.

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