Sunday 1 May 2016

German inside trading: April 2016

Inside trading, Germany, April, 2016

The prices of owning parts in companies have kept increasing also during April. In the beginning there was a little dip and it will be interesting to see if the managers used to to strengthen their holdings. I can directly say that the activity has been very low during the months! In worst cases I have to go over around ten pages of data and this time it it is only three making my life easier.

For the previous report please click on German inside trading: March 2016.

Merck - bought shares, analysis of Merck 2015.
Symrise AG bought shares
PVA TePla - sold shares
H&R AG - bought shares

Metro - bought shares,  analysis of Metro.
Müller - bought shares
Capital Stage AG - bought shares

Eckert & Ziegler sold shares
CEWE Stiftung bought shares

RWE - bought shares, analysis of RWE 2016.
Daimler AG - bought shares, analysis of Daimler 2016.
Delticom - bought shares

BayWasold shares
Clere - bought shares
Schaeffler sold shares
Verbiosold shares

Süss MicroTech - bought shares
SLM Solutionssold shares
Accentro Real Estate - bought shares.
Drillischbought shares
Fielmann- bought shares, analysis of Fielmann.
Biofrontera - bought shares
RNTS - bought shares
WCM Beteiligungs bought shares

Basler sold shares

Ströer Media - bought shares
CPI Property Group - bought shares 

Conclusion: Activity in Capital Stage, Verbio, CPI were all more intensive than the rest of the companies. Ralf Weber seems to be back in the business of buying more shares again in Gerry Weber. Managers also decided to increase their holdings in my company RWE and that I like very much.

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